2400 4-trayHealthcare starts with the quality of food you consume! Excalibur 2400 4-Tray Economy Dehydrator is the product that helps you avoid health conditions like elevated blood pressure, vascular diseases and things like obesity. With this machine involved, your family will love tasty dried fruits and vegetables you cook. In fact, they will enjoy cooking it themselves!

The process of dehydrating makes the food lose its chemicals and toxins and conserve all the vitamins and minerals it contains. No need to worry about your kids, they will get all their daily stuff. Choose a healthy food instead excalibur-2400-four-rack-food-dehydrator-220wof sugary snacks! On the other hand, dehydrator will help you dry non-edible produce such as clay ornaments, frames, flower petals, spices and potpourris. While it has four trays and horizontal air flow function, the device is quite affordable, compared to others. You can also adjust temperature between 95 to 155 degrees F. Though there were complaints about the machine being a bit small in size, developers pose it as the perfect one for inexperienced users or small families.Now as to its features:

Excalibur 2400 Review

Horizontal air flow system and heat distribution: 5/5

This feature is essential for families with varied taste preferenceExcalibur-Dehydrator-2400-4-Tray-Economy-Dehydrators. Due to horizontal air flow system each tray gets the same temperature and amount of air as the other three. It means you may cook four different kinds of fruits and vegetables at the same time. No need to restart the machine. Also, the appliance has a 4-inch adjustable fan. Your food will be either soft or crisp, depending on what you like more.

Working space/capacity: 4/5

excalibur-2400-four-rack-food-dehydrator-220wWith four trays the appliance has enough room to cook delicious, healthy food for your guests. You may dry several types of produce at once, which saves time and efforts.

Other functions: 4/5

Despite the adjustable fan, dehydrator hardly emits any noise. The amount of sound it produces is tolerable for people even at night as they sleep. The appliance, however, doesn’t possess timer, but you can acquire any other kitchen timer instead. It’s also very easy to wash due to the trays being dishwasher safe.

The Verdict: 4/5

Though there are minor drawbacks, the machine is entirely recommended for use, considering its affordable price and a limited warranty of 5 years. The appliance is available in black and has 8 pounds of weight. There is also a booklet of recipes attached to the box.

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Excalibur 2400 4-Tray Economy Dehydrator

Excalibur 2400 4-Tray Economy Dehydrator

Heat distribution







        • Polyscreen trays are easy to clean
        • Compact size
        • Minimal noise


        • Temperature control is unreliable
        • Cheap feel and appearance
        Excalibur 2400 4-Tray Economy Dehydrator