Presto 06300 Dehydro ElectricIf you have never operated a dehydrator before, then the Presto 063000 Dehydro Electric is what you need. This kitchen machine is easy to use, so you won’t have any troubles while drying snacks. Equipped with the fundamental features it allows cooking delicious fruit chips in four hours and dried spices in only one hour.

The device comes with all possible accessories. In a packaging, there is also a detailed instruction booklet. With the help of a jerky gun, you will be able to form meat in thin sticks. As an excellent addition, there is also a selection of fruit roll sheets and mesh sheets. To make this model, the manufacturer uses only high-quality, non-toxic plastic. The device is available in white; that’s why it will fit in perfectly with the rest of your kitchen appliances.

With its weight of 7.5 pounds, the mechanism stands out from other models for its mobility. The appliance has an output of 600 watts. The manufacturer’s warranty is valid for one year. The affordable price along with its ease of use and care makes the device the perfect choice for an average person.

The model features no thermostat, what may be a significant concern for those who are going to use the device for drying meat because it requires rather high temperatures. Until you need the appliance for cooking fruit, herbs, veggies and paste, you have nothing about you have to bother your head.


Presto 06300 Review

Distribution of Heat: 4.5/5

The model is fitted out with a vertical airflow technology. Rising from the bottom, the heat reaches the top, ensuring rapid dehydration of the food. The main disadvantage of this airflow system is that it has nothing to do with even cooking. That’s why it is always advisable to keep a check on the whole dewatering process. However, as long as you put the food on the different plates, its flavors don’t mix. Therefore, you can dehydrate various types of food at the same time.

Capacity: 4.5/5

Even though the device comes with four trays, it is designed to include eight ones to be more capacious. Buy four more drying trays and dehydrate twice as much food at a time. This specification makes the model become the number one choice for those with an active lifestyle.

Other Features: 3.5/5

The device comes with a see-through cover, which allows controlling the dehydrating progress on the upper tray, meaning that you will always know when it’s time to get your food out. As for the noise factor, there is no need to worry. You can be sure that this device doesn’t cause ear discomfort. It allows for cooking around the clock. You can make your favorite snacks even at night without shattering the calm. The sound produced by the device is similar to the noise from a switched-on hair dryer.

Since the model doesn’t come with a built-in timer, you should use a kitchen one to control the cooking process. There is no thermostat included as well; however, the machine regulates the temperature in the range between 135-145°F fully automatic. For you to clean the appliance quickly and easily, the dishwasher-safe components are added to the packaging.

Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator Overall:

If expensive equipment is way above your budget, then you surely have to opt for this model. Although it doesn’t include any special features, the machine is intended to serve you properly until you can afford a high-priced one.presto

For seasoned users who can’t imagine their daily life without dried snacks it is advisable to go for more upgraded devices that come with thermostats and built-in timers. If you are one of them, then we recommend you to check the following models: Excalibur 3926TB and Nesco FD-1040 Gardenmaster.

Taken all around, if you are going to dry food occasionally, then you will surely feel convenient while operating this model! If properly maintained, it will serve you a decade or more.

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Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric

Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric

Distribution of Heat







        • very easy to wash after using.
        • very quiet. Sounds like forced air heater or air conditionerun-noticeable after a few minutes.
        • very light weight. Easily moved.
        • you can set it anywhere in the house to use,and it takes up very little room
        • This dehydrator is a money saver


        • there is no temperature adjustment possible
        Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric